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Victoria is a new glow of the classic. This sofa combines what looks hard to match – luxury and coziness. Just looking at this furniture creates a feeling of softness and warmth. The time-tested elegance and expressed simplicity of the display invites you to relax, calm and inspire.

Our standard dimensions (width * depth * height):

  • Armchair: 123 * 86 * 90 cm.
  • 2-seater: 205 * 98 * 100 cm.
  • 3-seater: 225 * 98 * 100 cm.
  • 4-seater: 256 * 100 * 109 cm.
  • Angle: 245 * 200 * 109 cm.

We would like to point out that these dimensions can be changed to the dimensions you need.

2-seater and 3-seater bedroom mechanism:

4-seater and corner bedroom with box for bedding:

These are very important details of furniture that not only decorate and enliven it, but also change it frequently. Of the accessories you in addition to the furniture, you can choose - decorative cushions of various shapes and colors; covered seats and armrests, which not only protect the most vulnerable parts of the furniture and thus prolong use time, but also gives it extra beauty and charm; in addition, they are consumable, so you can quickly give the sofa a slightly different look and charm; curled bottom of furniture or tassel strip.