How soft are Valentino Craft sofas?

Optimum balance of comfort and ergonomics is the result of our attempts to please the most demanding clients. Not too soft, not too hard, our sofas are suitable for perfect relaxation.

What is the waranty period for Valentino Craf furniture?

All Valentino Craf products have 24 months waranty.

Can You make the furniture according to my desired dimensions?

We trully respect the desire onf each client to have his own and unique furniture so usualy we produce the most of our products according to clients desired dimmensions. There only few exceptions when individual. dimmensions are not possible technologicaly

What is the difference between sustainable and eclogical furniture lines?

Both sustainable and ecological furniture of Valentino Craft are very durable and can maintain their quality during decades. This is the way how Valentino Craft contributes to sustainable future – our clients can avoid buyinf furniture too often and so we can save natural resources. What makes our ecological furniture different is the origin of the used materials. Valentino Craf uses only high quality natural metrials of plant origin for the sustainable furniutre line and exclusively ecologic materials for ecological furniture line.