Vivaldi – while this is a timeless classic dating back to Queen Victoria, we have subtly refined its design to give it an even more luxurious style and look.


Anna – this short but great-sounding name also adds a tone to the aesthetics of this sofa. Sofa Anna looks really light and compact so the furniture will look great in any size room. Simple but graceful lines allow to reveal the best classics and aesthetics of modern design and combine them into a whole that looks harmonious and luxurious.


Esther – this sofa will be without the queen of the living room. Strict but not sharp lines, perfect proportions and Chester accents create a restrained and deep aesthetic sense. The design, which is not subject to style changes, will allow it to match the luxurious aesthetics of Esther in the interior of practically every style.


Izabella concept is inspired by the perfection of nature shapes with the armrests
resembling the drop of morning dew… This sofa is the combination of natural
elegance and refined splendor


Victoria is a new glow of the classic. This sofa combines what looks hard to match – luxury and coziness. Just looking at this furniture creates a feeling of softness and warmth. The time-tested elegance and expressed simplicity of the display invites you to relax, calm and inspire.


Amelia was created in London during XVI century. It‘s one of the version of the knolle style sofas. It‘s amasing that event at theese times Amelia had the sleeping function because of bending armrests. Our modern knolle version will make You feel the touch of arsitocratic luxury today.